Weight & Size Guide

Choosing the best Huggy Blanket for you.

1. Pick the size that you desire.

2. Refer to the table below to pick the correct weight

3. Choose the color that you like

Huggy Blanket Body Weight
Kids - 3kg > 2 years & 25kg+
Single - 4.5kg 38kg-50kg
Single - 5.6kg 51kg-65kg
Single - 6.8kg 66kg-79kg
Queen - 7kg 40-59kg
Queen - 9kg 60kg+
King - 9kg 40-59kg
King - 11kg 60kg+

Note: For King size, if you are sharing the blanket, please refer to the lighter body weight when selecting the blanket. (Ex: If person A is 50kg, and person B is 70kg, get the 9kg blanket)